Kathy’s Legacy Foundation will fund Rady Children's Hospital Chadwick Center to provide children affected by domestic violence with access to extracurricular sports, art, music, and dance opportunities.

The foundation is committed to assisting the silent, under-served children affected by domestic violence by helping them regain normalcy in their lives. 


"Great Smiles Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, a dual specialty dental practice serving North County coastal communities for over 30 years, has partnered with Kathy's Legacy Foundation to provide braces and pediatric dental care at no cost to children surviving domestic violence. Through this partnership, Great Smiles will complement existing care by providing great smiles to children in need of orthodontic treatment. Thank you, Great Smiles"


Love and Alvarez Psychology its utilizing its more than two decades of experience to provide free counseling services for children impacted by domestic violence. The psychologists specialize in high conflict cases providing therapy for the children in stressed situations from divorce to troubled adolescence.   


Center for Hope and Strength, Inc has partnered with Kathy's Legacy Foundation to provide individual and group therapeutic services for victims whose lives have been impacted by domestic violence. Direct services will provide support, education and empowerment for victims to move beyond unhealthy relationships and to stop intergenerational effects of domestic violence.


The SD Center for Counseling is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides no-cost therapy services for children impacted by a traumatic event.  In partnership with Kathy's Legacy, we work to overcome the challenges that trauma victims face in order to reduce their suffering and stop the cycle of abuse and victimization.