Kiss domestic violence goodbye! Join us in spreading the #Kiss4Kathy campaign from your home, to your city, to the whole country! This campaign is to increase awareness of Kathy’s Legacy Foundation and domestic violence as well as raise money for the foundation and its causes.

Kathy's Legacy Foundation is encouraging people to share their love for the people in their lives. It all starts with a kiss!

To get started, simply share a picture of you kissing someone or something you love on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and/or Facebook using the hashtag #Kiss4Kathy. In your post ask your friends and family (anyone who sees the post) to donate a dollar (or more) on line at www.kathyslegacy.org.  The goal is to keep the kisses spreading in this virtual kissing booth! Cheek kisses count just as much! Creativity is highly encouraged! Kiss your dog, kiss underwater, while skydiving, upside down. Have fun with it!

So, now the only thing left is to decide who or what you'll kiss first!