Kathy's Village
Kathy's Legacy Foundation aspires to build Kathy's Village, a residential safe-haven for domestic violence victims and their families. This village will be a safe and confidential place where victims can heal, recover and rebuild their lives as survivors of domestic violence.
Kathy's Village will provide the survivors with the resources they need to recover from their past and move on to a better future. The village will contain individual villas to house victims and their families. Beautiful grounds will provide peace and tranquility, as well as a feeling of safety and protection. Kathy's Village will assist in legal matters, counseling, and life skills training to help survivors get on their feet.

People are not the only ones affected by domestic violence. Pets find themselves in the crossfire of abuse and are often targeted so we can't forget about our furry friends when providing a safe-haven for victims of domestic violence. Kathy’s Kennels would provide shelter and care for pets that belong to domestic violence victims. It is essential to get pets out of an abusive home for their own protection. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence 71% of women entering shelters that owned pets reported that their batterer had injured, killed or threatened to hurt their pet to psychologically control them or to get revenge.

Once victims leave, the abuse of their pets often increases. That concern often keeps people from leaving their batterer all together. According to the American Humane Association 25 % to 40% of victims don’t leave their abuser for fear of what will happen to their pet. In many cases, victims are not able to take their pets with them once they leave a violent relationship. Most shelters and many apartments are not pet friendly so victims have limited options to care for their dog or cat. This is why Kathy's Legacy Foundation is working to fund Kathy's Kennels, a shelter where pets of domestic violence victims will be taken care of free of charge.