A Sisters Light

Hello! My name is Melissa Scharbarth and my older sister Kathy was murdered on November 24th, 2011.

Throughout my life I’ve had to deal with a handful of hardships, but no experience has ever rocked my heart more than when I was told that my sister was murdered. Dead. Never coming back. The one word that best describes the feeling I endured was, shattered. I was in pieces. How could this be real?

At first, not wanting to deal with the pain, I swept the shattered pieces away and hid them in a deep, dark depression where the feeling couldn’t find me. Then, very slowly, after many months of counseling, I started putting back together the pieces of my broken heart; and with that I began to see a light at the end of the tunnel. The light was radiant, strong, and bright. The light was Kathy. Finally, after discovering Kathy was still ever so present in my life I began to feel her everywhere.

Through my sister’s guidance, I have adapted a more “Kathy” way of living. I’ve developed a stronger appreciation for life, a desire to care for other people, and a willingness to accept challenges thrown my way. My sister had many positive characteristics, however, when I notice myself being more thoughtful than usual, patient, and self-less, I smile knowing I am walking in her footsteps. Kathy has helped me pick up the pieces of my shattered heart and put them back in place.

My life will never be the same and I have been forced to move on. I take things day by day and find time to talk to Kathy. I feel her around me all the time and she is constantly giving me guidance and support.

Today, because of Kathy’s light, I stand strong and I am committed to helping victims of domestic violence and anyone in need.