Why do Domestic Violence Victims Stay?

Have you ever asked this question?  When you hear of stories about Domestic Violence, and your discussing amongst yourselves, do you find yourself trying to find an answer that makes sense?  Do you find yourself wondering why they stay, why they continue to endure the abuse, why they remain victims and put themselves (and their children) in danger?

I will admit, this is a question I have asked myself numerous times when I have come across stories about Domestic Violence in the news or otherwise.  Not only have I asked this question, I have answered it!  I have, on more than one occasion, jumped on my judgmental soap box and found myself voicing my opinion as though I understood or knew from experience.  I on more than one occasion have said: "that would never be me! I don't understand how they can stay, I would leave! I wouldn't stand for it! I would never allow anyone to treat me that way!  I would always protect my kids!"    All of this was before... 

Now, after watching this video and reading Leslie Morgan Steiner's "Crazy Love"  I can honestly say, I will never again ask why. I will never again be so quick to judge.  

Written by: Sara Thomas | wife, mother, friend of Kathy's and Board Member