Domestic Violence in 24 hours

On September 17, 2013, the National Network to end Domestic Violence conducted a 24 hour census of Domestic Violence Shelters and Services.  Out of the 1,905 identified domestic violence programs in the United states, 1,649 participated in the census, of those that participated, 99 were in California*.  

Below is a snapshot of Domestic Violence in a 24 hour period:

  • In Massachusetts a woman escaped her husband after he nearly assaulted her and threatened her with a knife
  • In Illinois, a son jumped in front of his mother to protect her from her husband
  • In Pennsylvania, a woman called the police when her boyfriend pulled a gun on her
  • A mother almost lost her home as a result of her abusive partner taking all of their money and escaping the police
  • In the US two women were killed by their partners
  • 19,431 children and 16,917 adults were provided safety in emergency shelters
  • 5,873 children and 24,360 adults were provided other non-residential assistance
  • 20,267 hot line calls were answered 
    • 867 calls per hour / 14 calls per minute
  • 1,413 trainings were conducted to more than 23,000 students, parents, teachers, law enforcement officers, mental health professionals, attorneys, child protective services employees and other professionals.

While the numbers show victims are seeking and receiving help, it also shows that there is a need for more:  

  • 9,641 requests went unfulfilled

Many of the programs that are available are struggling to continue to operate successfully.  Nationwide, there is a lack of funding, a lack of resources and a lack of support staff.  As a result, calls go unanswered, requests go un-fulfilled and victims lose hope.  

The census confirms what I believe many of us already know; when help is available to those in need, lives are saved, protection is received, education is provided and hope is restored.  

Kathy's Legacy Foundation along with so many other support groups, foundations and networks are working to protect, save and restore lives.  Our hope is to someday read a census report that shows all calls answered, all victims protected and all lives saved.  

For more information about the 2013 national census or individual state results, please visit the National Network to End Domestic Violence 

*California had 100% participation
*The survey results are based on 85% participation, therefor may not reflect all cases that may have been reported across the US on this day.